California Criminal Defense Attorney

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If you have been charged or accused of a criminal act in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is extremely important to consult with an experienced and qualified Bay Area criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to get answers to your questions and concerns, and to guide you in a positive direction to resolve your specific situation. The Bay Area criminal justice system can be a daunting one if you are unaware of the legal process and the application of law. You can be put at a huge disadvantage if you try to solve your legal issues on your own.

Criminal offenses in the San Francisco Bay Area require an intricate understanding of California laws, and criminal defense attorney Lucy S. McAllister is familiar with the most effective methods used to resolve them. She is dedicated to helping clients facing serious criminal legal issues and outstanding warrants. As your criminal defense lawyer, Lucy McAllister will be committed to providing you with the necessary information, resources, and counsel necessary to help you effectively navigate the Bay Area legal system.

The Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister has over 30 years of experience defending Californians against criminal misdemeanor and felony charges. Our track record of over 250 Superior Court appearances in the Bay Area is testament to our rigorous defense of professionals charged with a variety of serious crimes.

Our law offices can help you better understand the nature of the charges against you, your legal options and explain strategies for winning your court case. We will work with you to develop a strong defense to reduce the charges against you and increase your odds of winning at trial. We will work to minimize consequences of a guilty plea or, if necessary, after trial – a finding of guilt. We also can also help clients expunge their arrest and criminal records.

Attorney Lucy McAllister has represented hundreds of clients in California and the San Francisco Bay Area facing criminal charges in the local area courts including: