The Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister have a winning record when it comes to Bay Area criminal court cases. Here is a sample of recent criminal cases we have handled by jurisdiction:

Examples of representative client cases include:

Nurse DUI (San Francisco)

Charges were reduced from a DUI to a Wet and Reckless with no jail time, community service ordered and a minimum fine. Asked to attend AA.

Weapon Possession, Hit and Run, & Resisting Arrest (San Francisco County)

Four of five counts against client were dismissed; plea to felony offense of unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, no prison time was given. Client received medium risk probation.

Child Abuse (Santa Clara County)

After criminal and medical investigation, court found client not guilty of child neglect nor endangerment on two counts. Client’s charge was reduced to PC 415.

Domestic Violence (Santa Clara County)

Client was charged with one count of inflicting corporal injury to a spouse. After the altercation between spouses, the court found the two in civil agreement. The domestic violence charge was reduced by the court to a PC 415.

DUI, .20 blood alcohol level

Case dismissed.

DUI (Santa Clara County)

Dismissed via Serna Motion.

Hit and Run: Property Damage (San Mateo County)

Client was involved in a hit and run incident causing property damage to a driver’s vehicle. Victim of hit and run pursued legal action and jury trial. Case was dismissed in light of a civil compensation agreement.

First Degree Burglary, Driving With a Suspended License (Santa Clara County)

Client pled Nolo Contendere and received bail and two years’ probation with GPS monitoring.

Child Pornography (Santa Clara County)

Charged with one count of possessing child pornography, client avoided jail sentencing and received Electronic Monitoring Probation for 4 months.

Elder Fraud and Theft (Santa Clara County)


Drug Possession with Intent to Sell (Santa Clara County)

Client was found with marijuana inside own vehicle. Client was charged with one felony count of drug possession with intent to sell. Detaining officer however infringe on client’s Fourth Amendment rights with unlawful search of the client’s vehicle without a search warrant. Case was dismissed on the grounds of the interest of justice.

Grand Theft (Santa Clara County)

Client was charged with grand theft of personal property of over nine hundred and fifty dollars. The client’s felony was eventually reduced to a misdemeanor. Thus, allowing the client to receive a less severe conviction.

3 Strikes Case (Santa Clara County)

Client had a prior, Penal Code section 261(a)(2), rape charge when client was a teenager. The conviction at hand involved found the client in violation of Section 647.6(c)(2) of the Penal Code (annoying or molesting a child under age 18). Within the interest of justice and through excellent criminal defense expertise, the client was considered under the Romero Motion. This Motion struck the prior due to the client’s age at the time of prior incident. Therefore the client fell outside of the spirit of the three strikes law for their case at hand, allowing the client to ultimately avoid a harsher sentencing.