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Here are a sample of other client reviews we’ve received recently:

If you need a DUI attorney, Lucy McAllister is the BEST! No only did she help keep my driver’s license but she investigated all the evidence and found issues to challenge to help get the charges against me dropped. I referred another friend to her and will continue to recommend her to anybody who needs a lawyer – SHE IS GREAT!

Jose O | San Jose CA

I just retained Lucy and my world is spinning, she is my solid ground and so capable and professional. She guides me gently over my emotion to return focus to the important tasks at hand, steers in the forward, strategic direction and is fantastic in court. I feel her strength and demeanor gained my immediate trust and belief in her abilities. I have been blessed to have found her and has made this very stressful, unfamiliar and overwhelming situation bearable. Lucy’s entire staff jumps to help and provides the necessary information to guide every step of the way. We have road to travel and she is with us all the way. All I can say are small words of Thank you as we move forward. All attorneys are busy she has made it to all the highly important sessions, taken her time to deal with each issue, and continues to bring us forward.

Linda S. | San Mateo CA

Hire this team….they’re awesome! We hired Lucy and her team to defend against a vicious and false TRO. Each step of the way, we got compassion and support and clear explanations on the process and how best to defend ourselves. Lucy was a masterful strategist in and out of the courtroom. The San Jose office (the only one I’ve been to) can seem a bit chaotic at times but don’t let that dissuade you…this team knows their stuff and will give their best for you. Just like a great restaurant (but much more important than where you eat dinner) you want an attorney who’s in demand.

Suzanne R. | San Jose CA

I couldn’t be any happier with Lucy’s performance. I am SOOO glad its over but in the end my problems with the law are resolved. Not only did Lucy help me clear my name but she guided me through the tough decisions outside of the court room. I don’t wish any problems regarding our legal system for anyone else, but if you feel like there is no way out, Lucy WILL help.

Will D. | Santa Clara CA

Lucy McAllister is among the finest Criminal Law Attorneys in America.

Lee E., Bail Agent / Owner | Big Lee Bail Bonds