At the law offices of Lucy S. McAllister Criminal Law, located in San Jose and San Francisco California, our goal is vigorously to defend Californians who have been charged or accused of criminal offenses, including vehicular manslaughter charges.

Misdemeanor Vehicular Manslaughter in California

A misdemeanor version of vehicular manslaughter is when a death occurs as a result of a simple driving infraction not amounting to gross negligence and not involving drugs or alcohol. The maximum sentence for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter in California is one year in the county jail, but immediate intervention is needed to determine all possible causes of the accident other than the negligence of the client. Our firm utilizes the finest private investigators and accident reconstructionists as well as experts in biomechanics if necessary to determine that our client’s fault is minimal if indeed, there is any fault at all.

Driving With Gross Negligence Involving a Death

In the case of a death, should the police and prosecutor conclude that a DUI driver was grossly negligent, a felony manslaughter charge would, usually be made. This is true whether or not alcohol or drugs are involved. The sentencing for one death in this type of vehicular manslaughter can easily result in a serious state prison commitment. It is in these types of cases that the driver being charged needs the expertise of experienced felony vehicular manslaughter attorneys.

We have handled all types of manslaughter cases involving reckless driving, driving under the influence or even simple negligence. If this happens to you or someone you love, you will need an immediate consultation to discuss options to avoid jail or prison.

At the law offices of Lucy S. McAllister Inc, our goal is vigorously to defend Californians who have been charged or accused of criminal offenses, including charges of DUI / DWI (drunk driving) and Traffic Violations.

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