I’ve hired about 10 attorneys over the past 20 years for all types of cases (family, civil, HOAs, criminal) — and she is the best – no question about it – I even sat in court to watch how attorney’s work. Lucy is sharp, quick, knowledgeable, skilled, experienced, compassionate, and tough — but most of all — Lucy does what it takes – without hesitation. I’ve seen her in court and I haven’t seen anyone yet in criminal, civil or family court that could come close to her. What really caught my eye was the description on her website: “experienced, aggressive and diligent criminal defense attorney of proven success”. I found this first hand to be the truth. Lucy and her staff worked in the background on my case and provided updates all along the way — I didn’t need to talk with Lucy 24×7 — I didn’t hire Lucy to hand-hold me — needing her attention 24×7 was not my problem. If you only hear what you want to hear, then you might miss out on some excellent legal advice — especially if you don’t know the law — but if you have a legal issue and you need to trust an attorney to guide you — with compassion — you want to work with Lucy. I recommend Lucy and her staff, enthusiastically — and I’ll hire her again in a heartbeat.